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 A note from the designer:


At Xcept Sundays I take denim very seriously. In fact, I’m obsessed with it. Every part of it. Passion and sustainability are at the forefront of this brand. Here, denim is purposely selected to esthetically revive an item that would otherwise end up in a landfill. Just consider this a much-needed resurrection of your otherwise classic fit.  

Good things take time. The process starts with first selecting denim to be upcycled. This is based on a number of unique characteristics i.e. silhouette, color, even imperfections. From there, it is repurposed according to different design intentions. In designing XS denim, ideas are viewed as infinite pieces of information. It’s endless, and so are the options. With that being said everything is designed with exclusivity at the foundation of each individual product. All pieces are sold as an original work of art. So, my denim lovers, please take note that the sizing will vary from item to item as each piece is considered special for its unique characteristics.


Every item I design takes me on a journey. I’ve designed each piece hoping for you that it will evoke an emotion, tell a story, or paint a picture just as it has for me. Thus, adding more value and personality to each creation. I work daily, motivated by the notion that one’s old jacket today can be Xcept Sunday’s masterpiece tomorrow.  



  Sincerely yours,

Denim with a Purpose 


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