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"Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are."
             -Kurt Cobain

Meet Sonia Murga, the creative brain behind Xcept Sundays. Early on Sonia struggled to identify with her peers. She was a shy, petite brown girl with larger than life curly locks. Unsure of who she was, and where she fit in, she discovered her identity through art and fashion.


Sonia started reconstructing items in her closet to make unique outfits for school.  She found her identity through style in various ways. Repurposing denim became a thing, more than a thing actually. It took precedence over upcycling everything else. She became obsessed with the idea that she could customize the classic staple any way desired. Sonia began purchasing jeans that she could alter; specifically selecting pieces based on style, and/or vintage appeal.


While attending the Fashion Institute of Technology she studied fashion merchandising and product development. Sonia would spend the time in school honing her skills and learning in-depth about the industry. She became

profoundly aware of the hazardous role that the garment industry had on the environment. As much as she loved fashion, she could not contribute to the negative effects the industry was having on the environment. She was suddenly struck with a dilemma. She loved fashion but felt compelled to contribute with an eco- friendly concept. By repurposing denim, Sonia knew that she would be able to reduce waste. She was interested in creating a brand that was both ethical and sustainable.


Her love for design juxtaposed with second hand fashion would encourage her to rework denim, implementing sustainable slow fashion. Sonia takes pride in designing beautiful pieces that are personal and authentic to each and every person who wears them. Each piece is an original work of art. Just like you.

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